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15 Tips to get Good Blood Sugar Values within 5 Weeks

Lower Blood Sugar / Reverse Diabetes

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Het hebben van hoge bloedsuikerwaarden kan ernstige gevolgen hebben voor je lichaam.Het is daarom van levensbelang om je bloedsuiker bij diabetes type 2 lager te krijgen.In dit artikel ontdek je 15 tips om je bloedsuikerwaarden snel te verbeteren.

Lower your blood sugar level within a few weeks

Your blood sugar values (blood sugar level and hba1c) describe everything about your type 2 diabetes. If they are too low, this can cause problems. But if it is too high, you will definitely without a doubt have a problem.If your blood sugar levels are not good (too high), this can have dangerous consequences for your health. Think of:

  • Losing your sight
  • Amputation of arms and legs
  • Damaged kidneys
  • Skin problems

But even if your blood sugar levels are too low, it can be dangerous. In practice however, too high blood sugar values are much more common.


Purpose of this article

It is important that you improve your blood levels to a healthy and normal level.That’s why in this article you will get 15 tips to improve your dangerous blood sugar levels within 5 weeks so that you can live a healthy life. I will also teach you the best way to never worry about high blood sugar levels again.Are you looking for ready-made recipes that can prevent and cure type 2 diabetes? Then click here.

What are acceptable blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes?

Before I start with the tips, it is helpful to reflect on what are acceptable and healthy blood values for a person who has type 2 diabetes mellitus. Or is on the verge of getting type 2 diabetes. This is someone who has pre-diabetes.You officially have type 2 diabetes when you:

  • Have a blood sugar level of 7.0 mmol/L or higher when fasting
  • Have a non-fasting (after a meal) blood sugar level of 11.1 mmol/L or higher

The lower, the better

These are the values that determine whether or not you have diabetes.

This automatically means that the lower you can get your blood sugar level (below 7.0 mmol/L), the healthier this is for you.

As long as that does not drop below 4.0 mmol/L. This is only possible if you inject too much insulin or use too much medication.

Everything above 7.0 is considered type 2 diabetes. If you are a healthy person, your blood sugar level will fluctuate around 5.0 mmol/L.Your body seems to be very good at regulating your blood sugar levels. Without paying extreme attention to your diet. But when you eat too much fries and bread, your body will suffer.Which brings me to the first tip:

#1 Less carbs to improve your blood sugar level

You develop type 2 diabetes by consuming an unhealthy amount (and type) of carbs and sugars.

If it is not at your 50th, then you will develop it at your 80th. Type 2 diabetes is one of those diseases that you cannot get out of.No matter how clever you try to be.There is a reason why babies don’t have it but older people do:

You develop it through years of eating unhealthy food.

Less carbs = less diabetes

Since the amount of carbs that you eat are an important factor in the development of diabetes. It is obvious that reducing this will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. When you combine this with high-quality carbs, you will pretty much exclude the development of type 2 diabetes.

#2 Improve your carb-source

As I mentioned above, the amount of carbs you eat is not the only determining factor for developing type 2 diabetes.Imagine the following:

Person 1 consumes 100 grams of sugars a day by drinking Coke. Person 2 consumes 100 grams of sugar a day by eating fruit.

Do you think both people have the same amount of chance to develop type 2 diabetes?

Just the amount of sugars does not tell everything

Most people may just like you say “yes!”. But that’s wrong.Although both people indeed consume 100 grams of sugars a day, the quality of the sugars cannot be compared.Cola is nothing else than a chemical substance full of sugar.

Fruit, on the other hand, contains vitamins, antioxidants and above all fibers, making it a lot healthier. This makes fruit a lot more qualitative than cola. Even if you get the same amounts of sugars.

Healthy substitutes for everyday products

There are many things you can do to make food healthier:

  • You can replace white bread with whole-wheat bread. But oatmeal is even better
  • You can replace cookies with fruit
  • You can replace pasta & rice with beans and/or vegetables
  • You can replace desserts with whole natural yogurt and quark

A low-quality carb-source is often characterized by the fact that you hardly (or not) have to chew on it. You can often swallow it within a few seconds. For example, compare a sip of cola with a bite from an apple. Features of healthy carb-sources are:

  • Products that you have to chew on frequently
  • They are always plants such as fruit and vegetables
  • Products that are not in a package
  • They spoil relatively quickly (because they are not chemically processed)
  • Products for which no flashy advertising is made

#3 Replace your carb-source

Regarding your health, there is one saying that you should never forget:

Prevention is better than cure.

Preventing type 2 diabetes is ultimately easier than curing it. Although the cure of diabetes with the help of food is certainly possible, it will take a lot of energy. You have to change an unhealthy diet that you have maintained for years.To avoid having to conquer such a difficult task, it is best to prevent yourself from eating bad carb-sources.As western people we like to eat potatoes and bread. Unfortunately, these two products are not exactly healthy. At least, not compared to the alternatives that you can eat. There are different products that you can eat as a substitute for this.

The best substitutes for potatoes & pasta

Think of:

  • Legumes (beans)
  • Mushrooms
  • Cauliflower (mashed)
  • Lasagne leaves made from zucchini

You can eat all of the above with a piece of meat and vegetables.

Looking at the list above, beans are by far the healthiest. They contain everything that is healthy for your body, intestines and blood sugar levels:

  • Healthy carbs (not too much)
  • Lots of fibers
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Beans are certainly among the top 10 healthiest products on earth. They also appear to be able to stabilize and lower blood sugar levels. Enough reasons to eat it, if you ask me.

Additional information

When you decide to eat beans, make sure you choose the beans without a sauce. Beans in tomato sauce are often full of added sugars and salt. You would rather not consume either as a type 2 diabetes patient.

#4 Drink less unhealthy drinks

Personally, I would like to get as much results as possible with as little effort as possible. If I can become a millionaire by working hard for one week, I’d rather do that than work hard for 50 years.Why would you simply work ‘hard‘ if you can also work ‘smart‘? With that mindset you can get much further in life. Also regarding your health.

If there is one tip in this blog that you absolutely MUST apply, then it is this.

Nothing, but i mean nothing, is unhealthier for your body than sugary drinks. I’m talking about things like:

  • Soft drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Yogurt drink
  • Ice tea
  • Sweet alcoholic drinks
  • Custard

Consuming these kinds of products, is like having an atomic bomb go off in your body.From an evolutionary point of view, our bodies are not familiar with sugary drinks.The body has therefore never learned to process these sugars in a decent way.What kind of sugar-rich drink is found in nature? Not one.

How sugar-rich drinks ruin your health

At most you can make a debatable argument for honey. And even that argument is very rare to find.Because sugary drinks contain a lot of sugars and no fibers (you don’t have to chew on them), it is super fast absorbed into your bloodstream. This ensures your blood sugar level to rise very fast. As a shock reaction, your pancreas produces too much insulin.To eliminate this excess of insulin, your body gives you the signal to eat/drink more. Insulin can only disappear from your bloodstream if there are carbs and/or sugars in your blood. This gives you a vicious circle:

You may understand now why I am so strong against liquid calories. They are very bad for your diabetes, blood sugar levels and overall health.

It is best to NEVER consume these drinks. Two wines or beers a week is really okay. But it certainly should not occur every day. Both the alcoholic drinks as all other sugary drinks.For healthy low-sugar drinks you can take a look here.

#5 Choose the correct proportions on your plate

Serving. It is something we all do in the UK and USA. Of course I am talking about serving food;).When you get a empty plate at a buffet, do you consciously think about how you will fill it up?If you are like most people, the answer is “no”. Or, if you have given a more extensive answer, it will be something like:

“I will fill my plate with what I like.”

There is of course nothing wrong with that. As long as it is not incredibly unhealthy. I understand you sometimes feel like eating fries. Although that is far from ideal for you as a diabetic, eating fries once in a while will really not be a problem. But do it in moderation.Filling three quarters of your plate with fries and filling the remaining space with a hamburger is not exactly healthy. But even in less extreme examples you will probably not have ideal proportions on your plate.How do you eat your classic potatoes, vegetables and meat?Most people use the following proportions:

  • A quarter with meat
  • A quarter of vegetables
  • Half of the plate with potatoes

The proportion for a type 2 diabetes diet

However, this is not the healthiest proportion you can apply.Because what is much healthier is to start your serving with vegetables.Fill half of your plate with this. The remaining 50 percent of your plate you fill up with meat first and as last the potatoes.

Healthy consequences when using the right proportions

This way you achieve different things:

  • Vegetables are often the healthiest component of any dish. By filling 50% of your plate with this you will do your body a big favor
  • You therefore automatically serve less (unhealthy) carbs
  • Vegetables contain few calories but fill enormously. This way, you reduce the chance of ‘eating too much’

All in all, these are things you want to achieve as a diabetic. Too many vegetables does not exist. People who have obtained type 2 diabetes because they have eaten too much green vegetables do not exist.So don’t be too careful with the servings. In an ideal situation you serve 50% vegetables and replace the potatoes (or rice/pasta) with a healthier variant as you learned in tip #3. This way you hit two targets with one shot.

# 6 Choose fiber-rich products

You have undoubtedly heard of the term ‘fibers’. As you may know, fibers are very healthy for your blood sugar levels and intestinal flora.However, there is a good chance that you do not know exactly what types of fibers there are and what their function is. I will explain that to you in detail.Fibers in food actually comes in 3 types:

  • Soluble fibers
  • Insoluble fibers
  • Resistant fibers

Now the above terms of course mean nothing to you. Fortunately, I can explain it to you in an easy way so that you gain more insight into these important nutrients.

Fibers are the building block of plants. They give the plant firmness. It is also what you have to chew in order to be able to swallow vegetable food (fruit, vegetables and nuts). As you have read before, they come in 3 types in plants.

Soluble fibers

Soluble fibers can dissolve in water. These fibers are incredibly good at lowering your blood sugar levels. By dissolving in the water of your intestines, they make the food mash very syrupy. This makes it difficult for carbs and sugars to be absorbed. The consequence of this is that sugars are absorbed more slowly and less quickly.

Insoluble fibers

Insoluble fibers cannot dissolve in water. It is just like trying to dissolve flour in water. It will mix but not dissolve. These fibers appear to stimulate your intestinal wall. This will improve your bowel movements. In addition, our intestinal flora digests these fibers so that it keeps itself healthy and provides our body with healthy fatty acids (butyrate)

Resistant fibers

Resistant fibers cannot be digested by our body or the intestinal bacteria.These fibers only have a positive effect on our intestinal function and bowel movements.

More fibers is always better

The above fibers occur in different proportions in plants. But those are not the only places where you can find them. Nowadays you get more and more ‘fiber-rich‘ variants of normal products. Think of:

  • Whole-wheat bread
  • Whole-wheat pasta
  • Brown rice

Therefore always choose the whole-wheat version if you get the chance. This is much healthier for your blood sugar levels and intestinal flora.

Watch out

The fact that whole-wheat products are healthier does not mean that you have to eat large quantities of them. Too many carbs remain too many carbs. The attack on your body of wholegrain products is less, but if you often eat them in large quantities, the positive effect will disappear. This is of course not ideal for your blood sugar values.

#7 Snack wisely with fruit

Making tips practical is sometimes difficult for people. If I would give you the tip to “eat healthier,” you still don’t know what to eat.Often you will think that you have to do very extreme things to eat healthier. But often there are a just a couple of things that you have to change to eat much healthier.Take this tip for example.I will be very honest with you:

There is no healthy dessert on this planet.

All cookies, ice creams, candies and other sweets are bad for your body.No matter how many healthy sweeteners you add, they are unhealthy products.The fact that you have to add a healthy sweetener to something, already indicates that it is probably not very healthy.

Fruit is healthier than ice for several reasons

Fruit is the perfect replacement for all sweets in your life. Although there is a stigma about eating sugar as a diabetic, the sugar from fruit is not the same as added sugar.Although fruit also contains glucose and fructose, this is always a lot less than in cookies and ice cream. In addition, the sugar ratio is not the same. And the fibers in fruit also makes it a much healthier replacement.

Use your healthy common sense

Do not suddenly eat 10 pieces of fruit in one day. Two to three pieces a day is more than enough. You are (almost) diabetic so your body cannot handle more sugars. Even if they are healthy sugars.

#8 Make a grocery list

I recently spoke to someone at the gym. The person told me how much he wanted to lose weight and that he often said to himself that it is really time now. But when push comes to shove, he does not succeed.I tried to support him and continued my training.Look. The problem is not that you don’t want to eat healthier. Perhaps you have told yourself dozens of times that ‘now’ is really the time. But when you are offered an unhealthy dish, you do not say “no”.

The bridge between ‘wanting’ and ‘being able to’ is called discipline.

How you can turn ‘wanting’ more easily into ‘being able to’

Without discipline and urgent need, it will be very difficult to change.Without these two components you have no pressure to change.You need discipline to be able to say ‘no’. Saying no to all temptations in the supermarket.

Yet there is an easy trick that you can use to get less unhealthy products into your home:Make a grocery list.

Research shows that you buy less unhealthy junk food when you go to the supermarket with a grocery list. You then do the groceries with your list and not with your eyes.Because you are constantly busy with your list, you will not see all the temptations. This allows you to do your groceries much healthier and faster. You no longer walk like a zombie from aisle to aisle.

#9 ‘Fat’ quickly lowers your blood sugar levels

Nutrition can generally only consist of 3 types of nutrients:

  • Carbs
  • Proteins
  • Fats

Fats do not have a negative influence on your blood sugar level or insulin level. In an ideal eating pattern you eat a lot of healthy fats. For me, the diet consists of 50% healthy fats. My blood sugar level is almost never higher than 5.5 mmol/L. Even after a meal.Because fats do not have a negative influence on your type 2 diabetes, you therefore want to eat as much fats as possible. So you have to consciously choose fatty products:

  • Choose the greasiest piece of meat
  • Eat 48+ cheese
  • Use butter or oil in dishes to make it creamy
  • Use organic peanut butter on your bread
  • Eat nuts as a snack

Combine fats with proteins

This ensures that you eat more fats without adding fat. In combination with proteins, fat has a nice effect. It ensures that you become very saturated. This reduces the chance that you eat too much.

Additional information

Carbs and sugars saturate very badly. In addition, the increased sugar and insulin levels ensure that you continue to be hungry. All in all, this is not very good for your body or blood sugar levels.

#10 Never buy diet products

Now that you and I are talking about fats, I still have to make one small addition:

Stop eating diet products.

This is one of the worst things you can do with your health. Diet products are known to be low in fat. This means they contain less calories and you can theoretically eat more of them.What manufacturers ‘forget’ to tell you is that they are replacing the fats they extract with unhealthy sugars. This is something they have been doing since the 70s. Since the 1970s, type 2 diabetes has rose explosively worldwide.So NEVER, and i mean NEVER buy a diet product. Especially when it comes to dairy products. Nothing at all is healthy about diet products. No matter how flashy the packaging and marketing claims they are. You recognize these types of products by the text:

  • Diet
  • Semi-skimmed
  • Low fat
  • 0% fat

Buy the ‘normal’ version of this product. Although it does indeed contain more calories, it is much healthier. Avoiding diet products is one of the best things you can do to reverse your diabetes. Your blood sugar levels will improve very quickly.

#11 Drink the healthiest & cheapest drinks

Avoiding sugary drinks is, as you have read, one of the best things you can do. But if you are no longer allowed to have juices, you probably do not know what you can drink in addition to water.Fortunately there are a few healthy alternatives. These drinks appear to be able to lower your blood sugar levels.Drinks with lots of antioxidants make you healthier. Antioxidants are slightly toxic substances. They are not toxic enough to make your body sick. On the contrary.

Why poison can make you healthier

Your body becomes more active when it comes into contact with these substances. This makes the body much more alert. It is just like what exercise does with your body. In principle, exercising itself is not healthy. But the effect of exercise on your body is healthy. It ensures that your body gets in a better condition and learns how to use oxygen more efficiently.

Cheap drinks full of antioxidants

The healthiest and sugar-free drinks you can drink are:

  • Black coffee
  • Green tea
  • Ginger tea

I can say a thousands of words about each of these drinks. They are healthy for the body in various ways. Everything is due to the powerful antioxidants in them. As long as you do not drink these drinks with sugar, you can never really have too much.Research shows that drinking 5 cups of coffee a day is fine as long as you are healthy. People with heart problems can better apply a maximum of 3 cups.

#12 Sprinkle more herbs on your food

Antioxidants are not only found in healthy drinks. They are found in many vegetable products. The more color and taste a plant has, the more antioxidants it generally contains.There is one category that does very well in terms of antioxidants:

Dry herbs.

Herbs, regardless of which one, contain an enormous amount of antioxidants per gram.Because of this you relatively just need a little bit to consume these magical antioxidants.

Just like with healthy drinks, the antioxidants here work by stimulating your body and immune system. This makes your body more efficient at processing sugars and make you more sensitive to insulin.Both will ensure that your blood values will get a lot better. The effect of antioxidants is relatively small, but if you add herbs to your food every day, it certainly counts. Because there are just a few things that you can do that will have a very rapid effect on your health. Except of course: more exercising, stop drinking sweet drinks and stop eating sweets.

#13 Get of your sofa

Exercising has never been so cool as it is now. Going to the gym in particular seems to spread like fire. And that’s a good thing too.Because exercising is one of the best things you can do for your body. Although it naturally costs energy and is not always fun, it is incredibly good for you as a type 2 diabetes patient.Exercise, or actually moving, has the good feature that it makes your body more alert and efficient. Just like with the antioxidants, this will help people with type 2 diabetes. There are various explanations for this:

  • You burn sugars so that your blood sugar level goes down
  • The body teaches itself to release sugars from the body’s reserves
  • The body learns to process the same amount of sugars with less insulin. This means you don’t have to inject as much insulin or take pills.

All in all, you have enough reasons to work out!

Exercise or movement?

Additional information

It is better to replace the word exercise with the word ‘movement’. Because you don’t have to destroy yourself every day in the gym. The rules are very simple:

  • Your blood sugar levels get better when you move more often
  • Your blood sugar levels get better the longer you move
  • Your blood sugar levels improve as you movement gets more intensively

The most important thing is that you exercise and move consistently. This is a characteristic of healthy people.Doing a little bit every day is better than debilitating yourself once a week. Of course it is even better if you challenge yourself a little every day. This keeps the body adapting and it will improve itself. And you can improve your blood sugar levels faster or even get rid of your type 2 diabetes.

#14 A cavemen diet has a lowering effect on your blood sugar level

As you may have noticed, many tips here have one theme:You must consume ‘REAL’ food.

By real food, I mean food that doesn’t come from a factory.Food that does not come from a glittering packaging that a celebrity advertises.The point is that you eat like your ancestors, when they were primeval people. Because from historical sources, science knows that diabetes was pretty much non-existent at that time.

There are cases known here and there. They were people with unfortunate genetic abnormalities or (which was more often the case) rich people who ate very unhealthily.And by unhealthy, I mean a lot of sugars and pastries.Always remember the following about what you eat:

“Did my ancestors have access to this food 10,000 years ago?”

If the answer is “no” then you should not eat it either. It’s that simple to eat healthy. By always giving an honest answer to this question, you can quickly and easily improve your blood sugar levels.

# 15 The best kept secret on earth to improve your blood sugar levels

Of course I save the best for last. This tip cannot be summarized in a few sentences in this article. That is why I have summarized these for you in a few pages. Because it is the best way to lower your blood sugar levels.In these pages I will explain the most powerful principle on earth with which you can reverse your type 2 diabetes within a few weeks. You can even go illness free through within 6 weeks.All this is the work of one mechanism that you can set in motion in a natural way.It’s what I call The Diabetes-Free Secret.And I will share it completely free with you. Purely because I want you to stop being sick and taking these blood sugar-lowering drugs that will never make you better.Enter your e-mail address below and receive it immediately via e-mail.Greetings,Ben Kuipers

What Can You Drink With Type 2 Diabetes? 7 Alternatives For Water

Lower Blood Sugar / Reverse Diabetes

What Can You Drink With Type 2 Diabetes? 7 Alternatives For Water

What can and can’t you drink when having diabetes?

I have good news and I have… good news.Do you have type 2 diabetes and are you tired of just drinking water? Would you like a refreshment that is not harmful to your body?Then you are very lucky. Because in this article I will discuss a number of drinks that are, not only healthy, but also very tasty.If you have diabetes, you have to be careful. Because most drinks that people in western countries drink are so full of sugars that they are extremely unhealthy.


Purpose of this article

I will explain why this is. First I will give you my favorite drinks for people with type 2 diabetes. Then I will explain to you which drinks you absolutely should not drink when having type 2 diabetes

Beverages you are allowed to drink

I use a number of rules for this:

  • They are tasty (or you can make it tasty by adding additives)
  • They contain no sugar and do not raise your blood sugar level
  • They have no other negative traits.

Here is my top 7:

#1: Coffee and tea

Think of:

  • Black coffee
  • Black tea (Earl Grey)
  • Green tea
  • White tea

Let me start with an important component of these drinks, especially in coffee and black tea: caffeine.Caffeine is a compound that occurs in these drinks. What it does in your brain is that it prevents you from feeling tired. Caffeine is fully worn off after approximately ten hours. But after about 15 tot 30 minutes after ingestion, you usually don’t notice the effects anymore as a person.Why is this relevant for people with diabetes?

Benefits of caffeine for type 2 diabetes

  • Caffeine suppresses hunger. After a cup of coffee you are less hungry. Not using this effect can both be a disadvantage and an advantage. If you suddenly get hungry and therefore eat unhealthy things, it is a disadvantage. But it is an advantage if you have healthy, sugar-free snacks with you and prepare good meals for yourself and your family
  • Caffeine disrupts your sleep. That is fine in the morning. If you just woke up, a cup of coffee can get the last bit of sleepiness out of you. But do you drink it in the evening? Then it can disturb your sleep. This has nasty consequences because lack of sleep damages your ability to keep your blood sugar low
  • Caffeine blocks the absorption of sugar. If you drink too much, this will have adverse consequences for your blood sugar level. Limit your intake to four cups of coffee, four cups of black tea or five cups of white or green tea a day

Caffeine wakes you up in the morning and can suppress your hunger

Believe it or not:A cup of coffee with a dash of milk for breakfast is not as unhealthy as you might think.

Coffee has the most caffeine, followed by black tea. White and green tea contain much less caffeine.

In addition, green tea has so many positive qualities that it is my favorite tea to drink.

Why is green tea the best thing you can drink when having type 2 diabetes?

There are more healthy compounds in green tea, other than a low dose of caffeine. For example, there is a substance that increases your fat-burning and improves your blood sugar level.Both white and green tea have qualities that may help fight cancer. A cup of white or green tea could be protective and help eliminate microscopic cancers.In addition, green tea is the least processed type of tea. It is purely a natural drink that you can drink hot or cold.

#2: Herbal tea

There are too many different herbal teas to mention:

  • Ginger
  • Star anise
  • Licorice
  • Cinnamon
  • Chamomile
  • Mint
  • And much more…

Go to a tea shop and get informed. You can often taste many flavors at the spot. The shopkeeper can often tell you what medicinal effect these herbs have.As a diabetic, ‘that one magic herbal tea that will make your life better’ doesn’t exist. There are health effects to these kinds of drinks but you don’t have to drink it when having type 2 diabetes.

drink ginger tea with diabetes

No, it’s about finding a drink that you like and that you can drink every day when having diabetes without getting bored of it. With the different types of herbal teas it is fairly easy to find them.Personally, I really like ginger tea. It is tasty and very easy to make. You put a few slices of peeled ginger in hot water. That’s it.

#3: Aloe vera drink

Aloe vera is a plant that grows in the tropics and to which various health benefits are attributed. For example, it is made into an ointment that is often prescribed when people get burned. And people who live in the tropics use it for various medical applications.

As a diabetic, this is an interesting plant. Drinking the juice can lead to better blood sugar levels. It is not a miracle cure but all the little bits help. If you have to drink something when having diabetes, then it is better to drink something that is good for your diabetes. Right ?

Make the drink as following:

  • Go to a health food store
  • Buy aloe vera powder
  • Mix a few tablespoons with water
  • Add a different flavor (lemon, some salt, a healthy sweetener such as stevia)

#4: Fruitwater

Do you know why it is very healthy to drink water with a slice of lemon during a meal if you have diabetes?Because a lemon slows down the speed at which sugars are processed in your body. This causes your blood sugar level to rise less quickly. Therefore, the same amount of sugars have less impact on your blood sugar level.But water with a slice of lemon is not the only drink that is suitable if you have diabetes. You can also use other types of fruit to make special fruit water. This is how it works:

An infuser makes water a lot tastier

Buy a special bottle where you can add fruit (so-called infusers). Or take a jug, put sliced fruit in it and pour water over it. Put this in the fridge for a few hours.The water absorbs the taste of the fruit. As a result, you will get a delicious taste that is not overly sweet and that does not contain many sugars (as long as you do not eat the fruit itself).

This is a great replacement for fruit juices if you miss them. Keep reading to discover why fruit juices are out of the question.

#5: Coconut water

This drink is not very well known in western countries. That is because coconuts do not grow naturally on the trees there. But in other countries, especially in the tropics, there are plenty of palm trees with coconuts on them.In recent years, certain coconut products have become increasingly popular. Think of coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut cream.This is mainly due to the taste and, in the case of coconut oil, the practical use during cooking. But if you, as a diabetic, want a healthy drink that doesn’t raise your blood sugar level, then coconut water is extremely suitable

It is full of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper. ​These contain positive qualities for your health.

In addition, coconut water does not contain much sugar and has a slightly sweet taste.It is important that you drink fresh coconut water.

You can do this by removing it directly from the coconut or by buying it from a pack that has nothing else added to it.

Look carefully at the packaging because it happens regularly that manufacturers add whole lumps of sugar.

#6: Unsweetened soy and almond milk

Normal milk contains a lot of sugar. About five grams per 100 mL. If you drink two glasses, this is already 20 grams. It does not come close to soft drinks or fruit juices, but it is not good either.


Fortunately, you can always buy unsweetened soy or almond milk. These hardly contain any sugar and still give you that milky taste. Especially if you drink it ice cold.

#7: A glass of wine

This is a crazy one on the list. Because you know you have to be careful with alcohol if you have diabetes.

  • There is one exception. And that is a glass of red wine during dinner. The alcohol helps to keep your blood sugar levels low.

In combination with food intake it mutes the sugar peak that you get after a big meal.Beer is not a good choice as a drink if having diabetes.Keep it at one glass per day. If you drink more, there is no positive effect and your blood sugar level may rise.

wine and type 2 diabetes

In addition, you should only drink this ‘glass of wine a day’ during your dinners. Popping a bottle of Merlot when having your breakfast is certainly not advisable.

The drinks you have to stay far away from

First I want to refresh your memory:

What was the story again?

If you eat or drink something, it ends up in your body. The sugars in this food are absorbed by your body. The more sugars and the faster they are absorbed, the worse it is. Because too many sugars in your blood is harmful for your entire body.Your body has a natural brake to make sugars that enter you body harmless. That is the hormone insulin.

This hormone ensures that sugars are removed from your blood. But if someone has diabetes there is too little of this substance or your body isn’t sensitive to it anymore. The sugars do not disappear from your blood (or at least much slower), with all its consequences.The complications of type 2 diabetes are serious. You can become blind, lose your toes and die sooner. Taking action is therefore wise.It is therefore important to:

  • Not eat too much sugar
  • Living healthy (such as losing weight and exercising) so that your insulin sensitivity improves
  • Follow all your doctor’s instructions (such as taking your medication) so you don’t get sicker

Not all drinks that we drink are healthy

Many popular drinks from the western world contain an enormous amount of sugars. And can make you seriously ill if you have diabetes.The most popular drinks in the western world are coffee and tea. They make up for around 33% of our fluid intake. That is more than half a liter per day.As you have seen, coffee and tea are healthy drinks in themselves. But most people put sugar in them. And that is of course very unhealthy. Especially if you have diabetes.15% of everything that people in western countries drink are soft drinks. This is almost a can a day. And of course there are a lot of people who drink several cans a day and a few who don’t drink soft drinks at all. I will explain why you want to belong to the latter category by using the label of a can of coke:

As you can see, there is no less than 10.6 grams of sugar per 100 mL in Coca-Cola.

Drinking this translate to you putting an IV drip with diabetes complications directly in your arm and hope you will be fine.If you are paying attention to how much sugar you take in, coke (and other soft drinks) is a clearly unhealthy choice. Therefore, avoid soft drinks as much as you can. And that also applies to light soft drinks.

Light soft drinks: why you should avoid them

Diet sodas don’t contain sugars. That’s right. But that’s the only positive thing about it.Light soft drinks change how your body handles sweets. The most important thing to know is that you will get more cravings for sweets. Your body gets used to the sweet taste and you will only want more and more. Therefore, be very careful because drinking light soda goes from bad to worse.In addition, the additives to light soft drinks are not exactly healthy. There is even evidence that the most commonly used sweetener called aspartame destroys the gut flora. And you can’t have that as a diabetic.

Why you should avoid fruit juices

This is the back of a bottle of organic apple juice. As you can see it contains 10.3 grams of sugar per 100 mL. That’s almost the same as coke!Lesson: that something is made from fruit does not mean that it is healthy. Moreover:Nothing made from fruit is healthy.

The only thing that can be called healthy is fruit itself. Do you want to know what the healthiest types of fruit are if you have diabetes? Then look here.

The Diabetes-free Secret

Drinking sugar-free alternatives is just the beginning. To fully cure type 2 diabetes you need to do more than that. Luckily I can help you with that.

Recently it has been discovered that it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes. Everything you need to do this can be found in your local grocery store.You can reverse type 2 with one powerful principle. It’s something I call the“The Diabetes-Free Secret”. I have written a number of pages about this secret that will change your life forever. You will learn:

  • Why you got type 2 diabetes
  • What mechanism you can use to reverse diabetes
  • The best tips to be diabetes-free within a few weeks

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Which Sodas Can You Drink With Diabetes? An Explanation + 7 Healthy Drinks

Lower Blood Sugar / Reverse Diabetes

Which Soda Can You Have With Diabetes? Explanation + 7 Healthy Drinks

Which soft drinks ​are healthy for type 2 diabetes sufferers?If you like soda but have type 2 diabetes, this ​is probably one of ​your big questions. You might be wondering:

“Can I ​carry on drinking my favorite diet ​soda?”​This article gives you the ​answers straight ​followed by suggestions for 7 ​super ​sugar-free drinks that are not only tasty but ​will improve your blood sugar levels too.

Which (diet) soft drinks ​are allowed with type 2 diabetes?

Some people swear by diet coke. Others are keen on sugary soda or Kool-​Aid.

But what can you drink if you have type 2 diabetes or are worried that you might develop it?That’s a good question. Soft drinks do not have a good reputation. Most people know they are unhealthy. But if you ask them why, they ​​either say they don’t know or else they give you the wrong answer.

I ​wouldn’t do that to you, even though I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Yes, the ​stories are true. Soda really​​ is really unhealthy. And I’ll tell you why.“Consuming soft drinks increases ​your chances of developing diabetes, and ​they have truly disastrous effects if you already have the disease.”Sugar-free soft drinks also appear to be unhealthy for type 2 diabetics.


Purpose of this article

After I’ve explained exactly what is wrong with soft drinks, I’ll give you some tasty alternatives.There are seven​ to choose from. You can easily stock up on​ them at the supermarket, so you won’t be left without a pick-me-up. And it’ll cost you a lot less​ than what you’d usually ​spend on your soda.

Why you should never drink soda ​made with ​sugar

​If you have diabetes, something’s gone wrong with the way your body deals with sugars.With type 2 diabetes – the commoner of the two main types – your body is unable to absorb ​these sugars. This is because ​the hormone insulin, which gives your body the signal to absorb the sugars, ​is no longer able to function correctly. ​

  • In a healthy body, ​insulin ​ensures that excess sugars are removed from your bloodstream until your blood sugar ​is ​again at a healthy level.

This process normally takes place after you’ve eaten ​​​something ​that contains carbs or sugars. If you’re continuously ingesting large quantities of sugar, your body will work overtime to release enough insulin.In the long run, however, your body can only take so much. Eventually, it will reach the tipping point, ​and you ​will find yourself ​the latest victim of type 2 diabetes.

  • With type 2 diabetes, your body does not respond well to insulin (or, in ​the ​latter stages of the disease, cannot ​produce enough insulin to have any effect at all).

The result is that the sugars in your blood are not absorbed/processed properly. Your sugar level ​remains too high, especially after you’ve eaten. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of type 2 diabetes. ​Find out how you can do that by clicking here.

“And now the question is: can you ​consume soft drinks if you have diabetes?”

The answer is a straightforward no.

Watch out!

Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. And, to be honest, that’s pretty much ​all ​they do contain. So, ​in effect, you’re drinking liquid sugar, and you have to ​stop.. It’s called ‘high blood sugar’ for a reason. Consuming sugar makes you sick, so drinking soft drinks is absolutely NOT a good idea.

Soft drinks cause weight gain too. And as you know, obesity is one of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes. One bottle of Coca-Cola contains 200 kcal. And these are not calories that make you feel satiated. No, they do the opposite: they make you feel hungry. Let me explain why.Your appetite decreases when you ingest calories. But when a product contains only sugars and no vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, or fiber, then you’ll be hungry again before ​you know it.The sugars enter your bloodstream and are absorbed quickly (if all is good). After that, your blood sugar quickly ​drops back ​to low again (often too low)… and once again you’re hungry.See the image below:

“Soft drinks are liquid sugars and do not contain any healthy compounds, so ​they are the last thing you should drink.”If you continue to drink soft drinks when ​you have diabetes, you will see that this is not good for your blood sugar level, and you will have to take more and more medication.​That’s why you really have to stop this. Later ​I’ll be giving you a list of ​alternative drinks that are just as tasty but much healthier.

How the sweet taste of soda makes you fat

There is a button in your brain. If you press it, you’ll get a pleasant feeling. This pleasure button is pressed as soon as you taste something sweet. You’ll get a wonderful feeling because the sweetness-button in your brain is pressed by drinking soft drinks.But there is something interesting ​about this button:The more you press it, the more you will crave sweet things and the more you will get used to sweet products. At some point, you will continuously crave sweet things (addiction).This also works in reverse:If you do not eat sweet things for a while, ​”the need” will disappear. When you do decide to eat something sweet, the button will be pressed extra hard. If you do not eat sugar at all for a couple weeks, the sugar that you taste afterward tastes extremely sweet (as it should).The evil thing about this button is that it has little to do with hunger. If you press it often you will crave something sweet, even if you have just eaten. And the problem is that sweet things often contain a lot of calories and lots of sugar.By getting used to sweet things, you will train yourself into eating things that make you fat and give you diabetes.

Fortunately, you can easily get rid of that sugar addiction:

  • By not eating sweet and sugary products for a couple of weeks, your taste buds will become sensitive again. As a result, you will learn to appreciate natural sweet-tasting products such as fruit.

Your need for really sweet food will disappear and if someone offers you something sweet – with lots of sugar and calories – it’ll be much easier for you to say “No, thanks.”Another reason to ​quit soft drinks: the less sweet food or drinks you eat, the less you need these products and the slimmer you’ll ​become.

Why you ​should ​avoid light soft drinks too

When people ​said ‘no’ to drinking soda ​for health reasons, the food industry had to come up with something to change their minds.How could they ​get their former customers addicted to their products when they no longer drank sugar?It turned out that a sweetener that contains no calories or sugars, but taste​s very sweet, has precisely the same effect as real sugar. People will ​always be in the mood for something sweet and for ​any drink that contains that specific sweetener.The advantage of a sweetener is that it does not cause a sugar spike or calorie gain.“It has to be said: This was a smart (marketing) solution.”People began drinking light soft drinks on a massive scale. “A pleasure without guilt” was the ​concept, because there is no sugar in it. But as you might suspect, it’s better to see diet drinks for what they really are.

Why you should stay away from diet drinks

The sweetness button in your brain is pressed just as hard by light soft drinks. It stimulates ​our craving for sweet things. Aspartame, stevia (Splenda) and other sweeteners facilitate this ‘button pushing.’

The chance increases that you will eat more cookies or candy or something else that is sweet when you’re used to light soft drinks. It maintains your need for sweet food, with all its consequences.

Also, scientists have discovered that drinking light soft drinks is associated with:

  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • And a lot of other health conditions

For diet sodas, think about the following popular drinks:

  • Coke Light
  • Coke Zero
  • And the 100 other diet drinks in the supermarket.

Soft drinks not only ​encourage your cravings for sweet food and drink but also have negative effects on your health. So you have absolutely nothing to gain by drinking light soft drinks and ​a lot to lose (like your leg if your not carerful).

You now know the harmful effects of soft drinks and their light ​counterparts

But ​which drinks ​can you ​safely replace them ​with? Are you really just going to drink water?​That would be very healthy indeed but a bit ​dull. After all, you don’t ​drink soft drinks solely because you’re thirsty, but ​because you like them too. That’s why I’ve given you seven suggestions below for healthy sugar-free drinks apart from water.

Healthy alternatives ​to soft drinks if you have diabetes

Drink 1: Coffee

And when I am talking about coffee, I am talking about coffee only. Not with milk and not with sugar.So you drink your (ice) coffee black.

Many people are confused about whether coffee is good or bad for you​.

And that makes it difficult. So let me put an end to that doubt forever.Coffee is healthy. Coffee contains many healthy plant compounds that make your body more efficient when ​fighting off diseases. So it is an excellent beverage to drink.

When is coffee not healthy? ​Coffee contains caffeine, which increases your heart rate. ​​Therefore, it’s not advisable to drink it if ​you have a heart condition,


In addition, I advise you not to drink coffee after 4 o’clock in the afternoon. This is because caffeine keeps you awake. ​If you want to sleep well at night, it’s better ​to stick to water or black tea in the evening.

Drink 2: Green tea

​Green tea is not only delicious; it’s also healthy.

  • It contains a compound called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which ​promotes the burning of fat
  • It suppresses the ​feeling of hunger, which means you ​eat less
  • It stabilizes your blood sugar level

All in all, green tea is my favorite hot drink.

You can also make iced green tea. This is very popular in Asian countries.​All you have to do is put concentrated green tea in the refrigerator.It tastes a ​little bitter, but ​Japanese people love it. You, of course, do not add any sugar.You can, however, ​ sweeten the drink with stevia or flavor it with a slice of lemon.

Drink 3: Ginger tea

Drinking only green tea and coffee all day long can also become tedious.

It’s nice, therefore, to alternate with ginger tea. And for good reason.Ginger contains gingerol.Gingerol has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.​Which is why ginger has been shown to improve type 2 diabetes.

​A study on type 2 diabetes patients showed that eating 3 grams of ginger a day led to lower glucose levels.

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Drink 4: Coconut water

Would you like something that’s kind of sweet ​​as well as very healthy?Then go for coconut water. It’s different from coconut milk with a slightly sweet, refreshing taste. Always buy the ones without the added sugars.

Coconut water has the additional advantage of being perfect for your stomach. If it’s upset, a glass of coconut water will immediately put it right.​Coconut water also contains many healthy minerals that your body can use.

Note: Coconut water naturally contains some sugar. So, ideally, you shouldn’t drink more than 1 glass a day.

Drink 5: Fruit-infused water

Fruit-infused or fruit-flavored water is water ​that ​tastes of fruit that’s been soaked in ​it.

If you take a jug of water and put some pieces of fruit in it, the taste of the fruit will go into the water.

If you leave it for a day, it will ​taste delicious and refreshing.You’ll get something a little ​more exciting than just “plain” water.Click here for inspiration ​on fruit flavored water and other sugar-free drinks.

Drink 6: Herbal tea

I have already mentioned ginger. But the following teas are also very healthy:

  • Camilla
  • Mint
  • Licorice


Go to a tea shop or supermarket, but preferably a tea shop. Get advice on all kinds of herbal teas. Buy a variety pack and try them all. You will soon find out what you like best.The beauty is that herbal tea does not contain caffeine or sugar. You can drink them all day long. And many of these drinks also have huge health ​benefits.

Drink 7: A glass of wine

You may find it strange that I am mentioning alcohol. In my article on the avoidance of stress, I discouraged you from drinking alcohol because this will destroy your sleep and ​with it your blood sugar level.There is one exception.If you eat a big meal and you drink just one tasty glass of wine with it, you’ll be pleased to hear there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Please note, however, that the emphasis is strictly on one. As soon as it becomes half or a whole bottle, you will surely ​have problems. But I am confident that you are a sensible person.That glass of wine during the meal can have a small advantage:

  • It temporarily lowers your blood sugar level so that the blood sugar peak hits you less hard.

One glass of wine, drunk regularly with dinner is a pleasure to look forward to and enjoy. Drinking beer with diabetes, however, is far less sensible because you ingest more sugar with every glass.

The Diabetes-free SecretSoft drinks are, therefore, strictly forbidden when you want to stabilize your blood sugar level. Fortunately, you ​can ​avoid becoming dehydrated ​thanks to ​my 7 tips for tasty, healthy sugar-free drinks.Just like the sugary​ beverages you shouldn’t drink, there are also certain things that you should not eat. When you replace these with healthier products, you will ​live a much healthier life and can even ​reverse your type 2 diabetes.

It has recently been discovered that it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes. Everything you need to do this can be found in your local grocery store.You can reverse type 2 with one powerful principle. It’s something I call the“The Diabetes-Free Secret.”  ​A number of pages that I have written about this secret will change your life forever. You will learn:

  • Why you got type 2 diabetes
  • What mechanism you can use to reverse diabetes
  • The best tips to be diabetes-free within a few weeks

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13 Tips For Type 2 Diabetes Food (+ Type 2 Diabetes Food List to Eat and Avoid)

Lower Blood Sugar / Reverse Diabetes

Having a diet ​of healthy diabetes food is not easy if you don’t know what to buy.​Eating the wrong products can worsen your diabetes and make you even more insulin dependent. The right products, however, can completely reverse type 2 diabetes.In this blog, ​I’ll ​be giving you 13 tips ​on which diabetes food you can and should eat. ​I’ll also ​tell you how ​you can reverse your type 2 diabetes naturally.

How to eat healthy if you have type 2 diabetes

What are the right food products to eat if you have diabetes? ​Which healthy diabetes foods ​can cure your diabetes?​To single out ​particular foods a​s absolutely ‘forbidden’ might be a bit of a stretch. But it’s definitely advisable to avoid certain sugary products if you really want to ​reverse your type 2 diabetes.

The important thing is to eat a daily diet of tasty products that will help to stabilize your blood sugar level.

I could give you a dietary list, ​as any government agency does, or a copy of the food guide pyramid. ​I could even give you a list of supplements that will ‘magically’ lower your blood sugar level. But I believe it’s far more important ​for you ​to know exactly what is healthy and what is not. So you can make the right decisions based on your new knowledge ​of your diet as a type 2 diabetes patient.


Purpose of this article

It’s easier than you think to keep your blood glucose in check. And below, you will find 13 great dietary tips ​that you can start ​following today. It’s even possible to cure type 2 diabetes with the diet described in this article.

Let’s start:

# 1: Understand what bad diabetes nutrition is

Healthy diabetes food and ‘forbidden’ (bad) diabetes food ​are ​easy to recognize…

…provided you know ​the difference between good and bad. And to know this, you should ​know exactly which ​foods ​caused your type 2 diabetes. If you know this, curing your type 2 diabetes with food will be a breeze.​All you have to do is avoid ​eating an unhealthy diabetes diet. This will automatically make you eat a lot healthier. ​That said:What kind of food should you avoid?

The dangerous diet that causes type 2 diabetes

The answer is simple:

Processed food.

That’s the diabetes food you have to avoid. ​Anything ​our prehistoric ancestors ​couldn’t find in nature tens of thousands of years ago, should be avoided ​like poison. Our bodies are not ​designed ​to deal with ​the unhealthy ​properties of processed foods, which include:

  • ​Enormous amounts of sugar
  • almost no fiber
  • ​unhealthy fats that lower your insulin sensitivity
  • ​Highly addictive ingredients (​added ​​to make you buy more)

processed food is not healthy diabetes food

Almost all products that are ‘made’ in a factory have one or more of these properties.

​The caveman question for identifying healthy diabetes food

You can easily recognize these products:They are products ​you would never encounter in their current form in nature.You can easily ​come across ​fruit trees​ when walking through a forest, so there’s nothing wrong with eating ​fruit.However, you ​won’t find any trees with ​​boxed or bottled ​fruit juice growing on them​​. So​ DO NOT drink ​it.

Although the original source is healthy, food manufacturers have squeezed the healthy fiber ​out of the apples and along with it all  the healthy properties. What remains is a glass of apple juice, which is nothing more than water, lots of sugar, and a little bit of fragrance and food coloring.So, when ​doing your grocer​y shopping always ask yourself: “Can I encounter this product in its current form in nature?

If the answer is “no,” the​ product doesn’t belong in a healthy diabetes diet. Otherwise, will be impossible to improve your blood glucose ​levels.​More tips on reducing your blood sugar levels here.

#2: The list of diabetes food that will change your life forever

​The next 11 tips will show you how to ​lessen the effect of your diabetes.

It’s important to go through all of this because ​it includes an in-depth explanation about why ​certain foods are better than others.Before I do that, I’ll give you an overview of unhealthy and healthy diabetes food. You can use ​it as a cheat sheet, in case you forget the rest of the blog.

Unhealthy products:

  • Candy (wine gums, cookies, licorice)
  • Milk chocolate and white chocolate
  • ​Pasta, rice, ​and potatoes
  • ​Pastry, white bread and other dough based foods (pizza, ​cakes, etc.)
  • Deep fried snacks (​potato chips, French fries, hamburgers)
  • Fruit juices and sugary soft drinks

Replace by:

  • Fruit
  • 75% + dark chocolate
  • Piece of meat, fish or cheese with vegetables and a creamy sauce, plus a ​small portion of pasta, rice, potatoes, or bread
  • Whole wheat bread with butter, preferably with an egg or chicken fillet
  • Protein-rich snacks that are not fried (egg or meatball)
  • Water, coffee/tea, pomegranate juice, coconut water

#3: Focus on one thing at a time

If you look at the list of foods above, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Especially if you are currently doing everything “wrong” and eat​ing products that are not really good for ​diabetics.You can try to change your ​entire diabetes diet at once, and replace almost every food. Unfortunately, this is a lot of work, and doomed to failure.

Why?It’ll go well for a few days. But after that, you’ll notice that you fall back into ​bad habits. Especially when you’re a bit tired. Before you know it, you’ll be ​sitting in front of the TV with ​your hand in a bag of chips.Maybe you’ll have the willpower to put that bag away. But when a friend or partner comes and ​offers you ​a piece of cake, it ​gets a bit more difficult. The more ​temptations there are, the greater the ​likelihood that you’ll ​​succumb.That’s why it’s good to tackle your food-based habits ​one ​at a time. Only when you’ve stopped making mistakes with ​one habit should you move on to the next.Rome was not built in ​a dayAnd often, changing your habits takes longer than you think. Some studies ​suggest ​it ​can take ​as long as 60 days for any change to become permanent.

Outsmart your brain

Fortunately, some of my tricks are set up in such a way that it becomes ​hard to ​slip back into your old habits. ​I created them like that ​because I know how ​challenging it is to change your lifestyle.​I’ll start with the habits that have the most impact. One habit is more important than ​another. And if you notice that ​it’s going well, you’ll automatically feel like ​moving on to the next ​one.

#4: Choose these three delicious snacks as healthy diabetes food

You can make all the good resolutions you want. But if you’re hungry and someone arrives with a tasty cake, then those resolutions quickly go out of the window. And the cake goes into your mouth.That’s why it’s always good ​to have one of the following three snacks ​handy. If you find yourself getting a bit ​peckish, eat enough of these snacks ​to make you ​feel satisfied.This makes it much easier to say “no” to ​colleagues when ​they offer you ​cake.The three musketeers you can snack onThe three snacks are:

  • Nuts: Pistachios, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, or any combination. Unsweetened and possibly with a little salt. The fresher, the better.

Nuts are full of healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. In other words, they ​fill you up, give you energy, and hardly increase your blood sugar level at all. ​A few handfuls of nuts and your hunger ​has gone. That’s why the​y make such an ​excellent snack.

  • Pure chocolate: 75% cocoa or more. This may be with nuts, or white chocolate, as long as ​it contains less than 25% sugar.

Maybe you think: “25 grams of sugar per 100 grams in a bar of chocolate – that can never be healthy.” But fortunately, it’s not that bad.

Pure chocolate is rich and ​relieves your hunger pretty ​well. You don’t have to eat a lot to feel full.

If you’re a real chocoholic: don’t eat more than 40 grams at once. This is a good indication that your chocolate is ​poor quality or contains additives to stimulate your appetite.

I dare ​say ​you can measure the quality of a bar by how little ​of it you need to eat before you feel you’ve had enough. Good quality chocolate is nutritious and gives you a pleasant ​energetic feeling ​because of the naturally occurring chemicals it contains.

Good sugar-free chocolate can be found here.

Which fruits can I eat with diabetes?

fruit and diabetes food list

As you can see ​from my table in tip 2, fruit juices are not healthy. But fresh (or frozen) fruit is.

​Fruit is ​full of fiber, which slows down the absorption of ​fruit sugars.

As a result, most people with diabetes can eat fruit without any problem.

Nevertheless, I advise you not to let fruit be your favorite snack. Nuts (and then chocolate) fill you up much more.

You don’t need as much to ​feel fuller for longer.But for ​people who really can’t stand nuts or chocolate, fruit is also a great option. Provided you pay attention to how much you eat. Do you notice that you eat a lot more than a few pieces? If so, ​consider taking a small, ​additional meal to satisfy your hunger. To find out for sure whether you’re overeating, ​keep a food diary or count your carbs.Bonus tip: combine ​your snacksSome pure chocolate, white almonds, and (green) banana ​make a delicious combination. Or if you take pieces of fresh fruit and cover them with ​chocolate melted from a chocolate bar, you’ll have a delicious treat for ​several people. Healthier than a muffin, and more delicious.

# 5: Use a garbage bag for your cupboards

Now that you have healthy snacks in your home and you ​take these snacks with you whenever you go out, it’s time to throw away all that unhealthy food. You no longer need it because you always have a healthy snack ​at hand. And most things on this list are really unhealthy.

If you don’t have these unhealthy snacks ​in your home, there’s no temptation to eat them. And if you make sure you’re satisfied before you go out (or at least take something healthy with you), ​you won’t need to buy ​any unhealthy food along the way.

So: what can you throw away?

  • Candy
  • Cookies
  • Deep-fried snacks ​like potato chips and cocktail nuts (not the healthy ​variety I mentioned earlier but the fried ​version with a crunchy layer made out of dough)
  • Soft drinks, fruit juices, or sweet dairy products
  • Chocolate with less than 75% cocoa

​If you have diabetes, all these products are ​bad for you. But fortunately, they are easy to replace ​with healthy diabetes food. It is only difficult to ​get used to the new snacks if you still have the old ones in the house.

Don’t think: “I still have two packs of cookies left. ​It’s a shame to throw them away.

We’re talking about your health here! Give them to your neighbor or to the newspaper boy. They’ll be thrilled, and for them it’s a lot less harmful than for you.

Check your kitchen cabinets every month

It’s important to check once in a while that no unhealthy food has crept into your kitchen cupboard. This way you prevent yourself from eating unhealthy food.Throwing away unhealthy food every month will save you a lot of trouble.

Important information

If you have a family, it’s good to explain to them why you’ll likely be ​tossing all ​​questionable snacks into the trashcan sooner rather than later. But if they ​protest, remember, ​your success doesn’t have to depend on them.​Assign a separate kitchen cupboard ​as the repository ​for all things unhealthy, and put a lock on the door.Or move it to the basement storage, where everyone gets a key but you. If necessary, make a second refrigerator. ​Anything that makes it as easy as possible for you ​to avoid eating unhealthy diabetes food.

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#6: Use this super breakfast to stabilize your blood sugar

​Not many foods that have a healing effect of their own.At least, a therapeutic effect that is not negligible. There are plenty of examples of “superfoods” that are not that “super” at all, because the amazing effect is not​​ what it’s cracked up to be.But if you have diabetes, there is one food that you cannot skip. Partly because it ​makes a perfect breakfast.It is filling, healthy (because of the vitamins in it); has the ideal balance of nutrients such as proteins, fiber and sugars; and has a stabilizing effect on your blood sugar level.Yes, you guessed it!​ I’m talking about good old oatmeal!“Oatmeal? That’s what my grandma always used to eat.”

Well, good for her. Your grandmother ​did right because it’s very healthy.Especially if you have diabetes, because it ​helps to stabilize ​your blood sugar level ​throughout the day.​A breakfast that ​includes oatmeal ensures that you are less affected by any fluctuations ​– and that’s good of course.

The stabilizing effect of oatmeal on your sugar level has been extensively researched by an entire army of scientific researchers.

This claim has been proven so often that the EU has allowed oatmeal producers to put it on the packaging.This is rare because the EU does not give permission easily for printing such claims. Certainly not when it concerns something as serious as stabilizing your blood sugar. Oatmeal should ​take the place of bread in your diet.

#7: Never drink juice again

I don’t have to explain that soda is ​bad for you. Even if you don’t have diabetes, it’s not a good idea to drink large amounts of soda.Even consuming small amounts of soft drinks ​is not a good idea.But what is less well known is that fruit juices are just as unhealthy. It has no place in healthy diabetes nutrition.That may seem a bit strange. Most people think: “Fruit is natural, healthy, and sweet. So squeezed fruit, with only the sweet juice, will ​be just as healthy, won’t it?”

Health-wise, fruit juice and soft drinks ​are ​​​just about as bad as each other

First, fruit juice is not as healthy as regular fruit.This is because all the good things in fruit ​– pulp, fiber, vitamins and minerals ​– are lost in the processing.Also, manufacturers add additives ​that ​increase the juice’s shelf life​ and ​intensify the taste.

​Additives ​might be flavor enhancers or fructose. ​In the end, you’re not tasting the juice itself but rather some mysterious substances that are supposed to improve the taste.Fruit juice is, therefore, not the same as an actual piece of ripe fruit.It is not nearly as healthy and not nearly as good.​More importantly, fruit juices raise your blood sugar level much faster and more violently than a piece of fresh fruit. And this can ​get you into ​deep trouble. So I advise you not to drink fruit juice. It’s not healthy and it’ll only make your type 2 diabetes worse.

#8: ​Drinks that can reverse diabetes

Not all drinks​ are on the ​unhealthy ​or forbidden-to-diabetes-patients’ list. ​Some are allowed. Moreover:

Some are highly recommended because of their health-giving benefits.

The best liquids you can drink as a type 2 diabetes patient are ​those with lots of antioxidants.Antioxidants in food and drink are curious compounds. They are bitter-tasting, ​slightly toxic ​substances that plants create to protect themselves against being eaten by animals and insects. ​But for us humans, they are not poisonous. At least, not enough to make us sick. They work just the opposite way: they make you healthier.Increase your insulin sensitivity with antioxidants​Antioxidants ensure that your body and immune system get a positive blow. ​They get a wake-up call and then work better.Your blood sugar level and insulin production are also positively shaken up. It turns out that drinking antioxidant-rich fluids increases your insulin sensitivity. This means your body needs less insulin to process sugars.

Ideal! But which ​are the best ones to drink? Unfortunately, ​you don’t have a massive choice.

  • Green tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Black coffee
  • Pure cocoa (pure cocoa powder cooked in water without sugar)

Making a drink of pure cocoa is ​quite hard work. ​Its bitter ​taste (​​evidence of its healthy properties) also makes it ​hard work for ​some people to drink. ​​Got what it takes? Then go for it!

​The average person finds a cup of green tea or black coffee ​a lot less challenging. You will experience all the health benefits as long as you drink ​these beverages without milk ​or sugar.

Do you want more healthy sugar-free drinks? Click here.

Worri​ed you might be drinking ‘too much’ coffee or tea?

Studies show that you have to drink between 3 and 5 cups a day to experience the maximum health benefits of green tea and coffee. So don​’t be afraid that you will drink too much.

#9: Rice, potatoes, and bread are less important than you think

In the western world, it’s normal to have bread for breakfast and lunch. And at the end of the day potatoes or pasta for dinner…. with a sweet dessert afterwards to top it all off.

That’s all well and good. But it is not the most sensible thing to do if you have diabetes.

Because bread, potatoes, and rice are full of sugars. And although these foods also contain fiber, they ​still increase blood sugar levels.At the same time, there are a lot of other healthier foods, which we traditionally don’t eat so much of in the western world. Why? ​For nothing other than cultural and historical reasons, or so it seems.Healthy eating is no longer expensiveBut ​a lot has changed in the last century. Even people ​with a tight budget can eat vegetables or a piece of meat every day, without having to spend their last savings.If you shop smart, you can eat much healthier than your grandparents. And ​for a much lower price, too.That’s why you should eat less bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta. These food sources are mainly sugars and are not the healthiest thing you can eat.

Beans are the best substitute for bread and pasta. They contain a lot of fiber, proteins, vitamins, and relatively few carbs. Eating 100 grams of beans is much more challenging than eating 100 grams of pasta, potatoes or rice. This is mainly due to the fiber (and proteins) in beans.

#10: Enjoy a piece of meat or fish

If I can mention one very healthy diabetes food, it is fresh fish. And especially the somewhat fatty fish, such as mackerel and salmon. They belong to a healthy diabetes diet.The beauty of oily fish is that it is very filling. A small piece fills a lot more (and for a longer time) than a large bowl of pasta. So if you put this on your plate more often, it is not only pure pleasure…… but you also avoid eating more carbs.You need ​protein more than you need  carbs

Because the proteins in oily fish (or other types of meat and fish) ensure that your muscles and brains stay strong and can make the connections they need.They ensure that your body can maintain itself.That is very different from the role of sugars in your body, which is mainly used as fuel in the short term.

But as a diabetic patient, your body can no longer deal appropriately with those sugars. Your body can still process proteins. And by eating more protein, you emphasize what your body can do instead of what it can not do.And to top it all off, fish and meat are packed with vitamins and minerals that are much harder to obtain in other ways.The same compounds are simply not in pasta and potatoes. You need both, but don’t be afraid to eat that tasty piece of fish out of fear of being unhealthy.


​Scientists​t ha​ve proven that fatty fish (such as mackerel and salmon) ha​ve a beneficial effect on the body. So that’s a good start.

What kind of meat and fish can you eat?

  • Fatty fish (salmon, mackerel)
  • Other fish (herring, tuna, tilapia)
  • Poultry (chicken, duck, turkey)
  • Eggs
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Pork (although this is the least healthy meat)

The fresher the fish or meat is, the better. So preferably a piece of fresh salmon rather than canned salmon.

Are you a vegetarian? Eat eggs regularly.

#11: Why a tasty sauce is a good ​diabetes food

If you go to a restaurant and order a piece of meat or fish, nine times out of ten, it comes with a greasy sauce.

Unfortunately, restaurants often add sugar to their sauces, but if you make it yourself you don’t have to.

Good sauces to consider are:

  • Gravy (made from the fat of meat with some added water and herbs)
  • Cheese sauce
  • Sauce based on butter and white wine
  • Sauce based on coconut oil or coconut milk
  • Occasionally a sauce based on olive oil

Sauces are unhealthy… right? Wrong!

Maybe you wonder why I call this “healthy.”Aren’t these types of sauces full of fat? Do they not make you fat?Well, it is not that bad actually. My first concern when you have diabetes, is to prevent your blood sugar from spiking after a meal. And fatty sauces will help you to keep your blood sugar in check.

The fat mixes with the carbs of the rice, potatoes or pasta. As a result, they are broken down more slowly. Why? Because your body has to process the sugars and fats at the same time. As a result, your blood sugar level does not rise so fast or high.And if you add an acid to the sauce – as happens in almost every restaurant – you make the process even more gradual.And talking about fat: if you make sure there is a piece of meat, vegetables and a bit of potato on your plate, you can get away with a sauce. Believe me, it’s the least of your problems when tackling type 2 diabetes.

Sauces from a pack​et, on the other hand, do not help you. And they’re full of additives that make you eat more than you should. That’s why it’s better to make a sauce yourself rather than ​use one out of a pack​et.

#12: Walk around the block

Maybe you’re thinking:“What does walking have to do with diabetes food?”Exercise and diabetes are actually inseparable.Because exercise at the right times ensures that your blood sugar does not “peak.” The best time is after dinner, when your body is busy with all the sugars you have just ingested.Exercise is part of healthy diabetes nutrition

When you walk a bit, your body receives the right stimuli.And when you do this after every evening meal, your blood sugar level will be much more stable throughout the week.Also, exercise and sports ​increase your insulin sensitivity.Walking also helps you maintain a healthy weight.

You don’t have to exercise intensively if you want to burn calories. Walking is mentally and physically less demanding and it only consumes a little less energy than running or fast cycling.It is better to walk fifteen minutes every day after eating, than to walk three times a week for 45 minutes. Both for losing weight and stabilizing your blood sugar level. Consistency is ​most important.

Just like you want to eat healthy every day, you also want to move every day.

#13: Live your life Diabetes-Free

With the right diabetes diet, there’s more possible than you think.

it has Recently been discovered that it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes. Everything you need to do this can be found in your local grocery store.You can reverse type 2 with one powerful principle. It’s something I call“The Diabetes-Free Secret,”  I have written several pages about this secret that will change your life forever. You will learn:

  • Why you got type 2 diabetes
  • What mechanism you can use to reverse diabetes
  • The best tips to be diabetes-free within a few weeks

Enter your e-mail address below, and I will send you the E-book for free.Greetings,Ben Kuiper

P​S: ​What are your favorite diabetes foods? Leave a comment below

15 Tips For Delicious Sugar-Free Chocolate As A Type 2 Diabetes Patient

Lower Blood Sugar / Reverse Diabetes

13 Tips For Sugar-Free Chocolate As Diabetes Type 2 Patient

When you have type 2 diabetes, you have to avoid lots of products… ​particularly processed foods.So, that ​includes delicious chocolate, right?Fortunately, the answer is no! In this article, you’ll get 15 tips for types of sugar-free chocolate ​you can eat as a type 2 diabetes patient.

“Sugar-free chocolate… does ​it really exist?!”

When you have type 2 diabetes, ​you are only allowed to eat a select ​number of products. ​Which is very unfortunate because life without delicacies is no life at all.

With type 2 diabetes, it is wise to adjust your lifestyle. After all, there’s a very good chance ​you developed type 2 diabetes because your lifestyle was unhealthy.

Think of a diet full of:

  • Soft drinks
  • Sweets
  • Cake
  • Potato chips
  • Fast food

You HAVE to ​give these up. However hard this may be. Believe me – it will undoubtedly help you to live a diabetes-free life.

But a life ​confined to a diet of vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, and seeds is also ​pretty boring. ​So certain producers have come up with something to cheer you up.

In some products on the market, a large part of the sugar content has been replaced by sweeteners. And these sweeteners are not as unhealthy as ‘regular’ sugars. They’ve done this with chocolate too. And that is of course very nice, because who doesn’t like chocolate?


Purpose of this article

But beware! ​Not all so-called sugar-free chocolate is really “sugar-free.” Some try to trick you by using “organic” date ​or coconut sugar in their sugar-free chocolate. However, as far as your body is concerned, this is not sugar-free chocolate by any means.

That’s why I have compiled a list of 15 of the healthiest (and most popular brands on low-carb, sugar-free chocolates that you can order from the comfort of your own home.

How is chocolate made?

In the past, it was impossible to make sugar-free chocolate that didn’t taste disgusting. Why? Because the only way to make it sugar-free was to ​use 100% cocoa. And you wouldn’t wish that ​on your worst enemy, believe me!Chocolate is made of cocoa powder. At least, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and black chocolate is. You can’t really call white chocolate, “chocolate” because it doesn’t contain cocoa powder.​Cocoa beans are plucked from trees. Then they are roasted, sieved and ground.The cocoa beans are then pressed to separate the cocoa powder from the cocoa butter. These two ingredients are eventually re-combined to make chocolate. ​For white chocolate you only need cocoa butter.

The lighter the chocolate is in color, the less cocoa powder and the more sugar it contains.

That’s why black chocolate is also a lot healthier than milk chocolate or white chocolate.

The glycemic index

How can you make a chocolate bar healthy?“By removing or replacing the sugars.”As I mentioned above, ​remov​​ing only ​the sugars is not ​good for the taste. ​It makes the chocolate ​very bitter. But when you replace these sugars with healthy sweeteners, it tastes much better. Not all sweeteners are created equal. And quality is largely determined by the glycemic index (GI).

The glycemic index (GI) can be expressed ​as a number between 1 and 100. It represents how quickly ​different carbohydrate foods increase​ the blood sugar level in relation to pure glucose.

Ideally, you want therefore to see a glycemic index of 0 (zero). This won’t do anything with your blood sugar and insulin levels.

“When I talk about sugar-free chocolate in this article, I mean chocolate without any added sugar. Some low-carb bars naturally contain sugar, so there is always a small amount of sugar in the chocolate bar.”

#1 Dante Confections 98% Stevia Chocolate Bars

This is one of the best chocolate bars you can buy on earth. Why? Because it contains 98% cocoa AND stevia.

And chocolate as pure as this contains lots of flavonoids that have a wide range of health benefits:

  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce the chance of developing cardiovascular problems

It is pretty difficult to find chocolate any purer and/or healthier than this. 

Stevia is good for you

Stevia is one of the best sweeteners ​around. And it’s especially useful for diabetes type 2 patients. ​As a sweetener, it is 30 to 100 times sweeter than regular sugar and ​contains hardly any calories.

​What’s more, stevia does not cause an increase in your blood sugar and insulin levels. Research has even shown that stevia can lower blood sugar levels ​in diabetic patients. Stevia has a glycemic index of 0.Click here to order the best stevia you can get on Amazon.

If you are used to (very) sweet chocolate, then this chocolate might not be the best option to start with. Due to the high percentage of cocoa, it will be very bitter.

But if you can handle it, it’s by far the best sugar-free chocolate you can eat.


29,99 USD for 8 bars (8,3 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

Dante Confections sugar-free chocolate bar

#2 ChocZero 70% Dark Chocolate

If you thought that all the sugar-free chocolate in this article would be the same as number one then you are absolutely wrong.

The majority of low-carb chocolate on the market barely contains 70% cocoa ​– which is the absolute minimum we recommend because of the health benefits of the flavonoids in cocoa.

​ChocZero 70% is one of the most popular brands on Amazon… and for good reason!

It’s 100% sugar-free chocolate which contains a relatively unknown (yet healthy) sweetener: “monk fruit extract.”

Monk fruit extract has a glycemic index of zero and seems to have several health benefits including:

The compounds in monk fruit that are responsible for this are mogrosides.

For ​die-hard readers: they also have an 85% version available.


14,99 USD for a 3 pack containing 10 pieces each (4,9 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#3 ChocZero 50% Dark Chocolate

This is exactly the same chocolate, with exactly the same benefits as the one above…

…with one small difference:

It tastes (a lot) sweeter.

In general, this would mean the chocolate is less healthy. But both the flavonoids in cocoa and the mogrosides in monk fruit are antioxidants.

And here you are trading “less flavonoids” for “more mogrosides”. So, in this case, eating a sweeter tasting chocolate might not be less healthy at all.

For reassurance sake: it’s definitely NOT unhealthy.


14,99 USD for a 3 pack containing 10 pieces each (4,9 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#4 Guylian Dark Chocolate

This is a sugar-free chocolate with 54% cocoa content.

The sweetener used in this product is maltitol.

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol and has a glycemic index of 36. Pure glucose has a glycemic index of 100. It is slightly better, but stevia is much healthier because it has a glycemic index of 0.

If you love to eat chocolate, it might be useful to ​note that maltitol can cause diarrhea, bloating and flatulence, especially in people with irritable bowel syndrome.


29,99 USD for 5 bars (4,9 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#5 Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

Hershey’s and good tasting chocolate go hand in hand.

However, it used to be the case that Hershey’s and sugar-rich chocolate also went hand in hand.

But fortunately for diabetics, this is no longer the case​ because they now have several sugar-free chocolate bars.

Dark is not really that dark…

The ‘problem’ however is that the cocoa content of their darkest bar is still only 45%. I advise you to  – at least – buy 50% and ​above. Preferably even 70% and​ above.

But regardless, it’s still a tasty choice ​if you want a healthy-ish low-carb chocolate.

Ooh! And before I forget, ​The sweetener used in ​Hershey’s low-carb chocolate is the sugar alcohol maltitol.


39,40 USD for 12 bags (3,8 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#6 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I have a few guilty pleasures in life…

…and I’m afraid that Reese’s cups are one of them.

I can’t express in words how much I love the taste of peanut butter and chocolate together. If it weren’t for the high sugar content of the regular Reese’s cups, I would eat them all day.

But fortunately they now also have a sugar-free vari​ety of ​Reese’s peanut butter cups. Because the Hershey’s company owns Reese’s AND because it uses Hershey’s low-carb chocolate, it should not come as a surprise that they also use maltitol as a sweetener.


27,98 USD for 12 bags (2,7 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#7 Russell Stover Sugar-Free Chocolate

This brand has been around since 1923, and now it also makes lots of sugar-free chocolates. And by lots, I mean really a lot!

You can see the entire lineup on here.

All their low-carb chocolate is sweetened with stevia AND maltitol despite the packaging only stating the stevia for obvious marketing reasons.

Their most popular sugar-free chocolate on Amazon is ​Pecan Delights. I ​strongly advise you to try these if you’re into caramel and nuts in a big way.


13,05 USD for a 10 ounce bag (4,9 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

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#8 Hershey’s Sugar-Free Chocolate with Caramel

Talking about caramel:

Did you know, Hershey’s also makes a sugar-free chocolate with a sugar-free caramel filling?

Yep. The chocolate is sweetened with maltitol, and they use maltitol syrup for the sugar-free caramel. Personally, I prefer non-caramel chocolate, but each to her/h​is own.


15,84 USD for 3 bags (6,2 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#9 Torras Dark Chocolate Bar

This is a pretty healthy yet expensive option.

The good ​news is that it contains a minimum of 60% cocoa and uses stevia as a sweeter. That bad ​news is that it’s almost twice as expensive as other options here UNLESS you buy 12 packs in one order.

The price per gram drops a lot because of the bulk purchase.


74,90 USD for 12 bars (6,2 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#10 Kiss My Keto Low-Carb Chocolate

Kiss my Keto is a brand that ​– unsurprisingly ​– makes keto-friendly products.

A ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, low-sugar diet. All keto-friendly products on the market are also diabetes-friendly due to low or non-existent sugar content.

​Chocolate from this brand are especially healthy because they contain MCT oil. MCT (aka Medium Chain Triglycerides) ​are ​found naturally in coconut oil.

MCT oil’s many health benefits ​include:

  • Promoting weight loss
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease
  • Helping to control and lower blood sugar levels

Which makes up for its low 45% cocoa content.

This low-carb keto chocolate comes in 5 vari​eties

  • Original chocolate
  • Pumpkin seasalt
  • Roasted almonds
  • Toasted hazelnut
  • And a variety pack that contains all 4

They all cost the same, so you don’t have to worry about finding the ​ brand’s cheapest sugar-free chocolate.


24,99 USD for 4 bars (7,3 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#11 Lily’s Sweets Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

This is a bit of a gem if you can find it on Amazon.

Lily’s ​Sweets sugar-free chocolate comes in ​a vast range of varieties. Both in flavor and in cocoa percentage. The healthiest option they have is the 85% cocoa bar, which is sweetened ​by stevia and erythritol.

Erythritol, like maltitol, is a sugar alcohol. But erythritol has a glycemic index of 1. In other words, it barely does anything to your blood sugar level. ​It is therefore better than maltitol.


19,99 USD for 4 bars (6,3 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#12 York Sugar-Free Peppermint Patties Dark Chocolate

Peppermint and chocolate is not my favorite combination. But, apparently, lots of people  love it.

If you enjoy the rich flavor of cocoa with the fresh and sweet flavor of peppermint, then look no further.

These York-made patties are sweetened with the sugar alcohol maltitol, and they are not very expensive if you buy a big bag.

If you can’t ​track down this brand, you might like to ​check out Russell Stover’s peppermint patties. They’re pretty much the same… except ​ that the Russell Stover’s ones are sweetened with stevia AND maltitol ​rather than maltitol alone.


About 50 USD for 12 bags (4,8 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#13 Chocolate Covered Almonds

​Several companies sell chocolate covered almonds…

… the problem is that ​most of them (read: almost all) ​put sugar in the chocolate.

​Fortunately, however, the Superior Nut Company makes chocolate covered almonds ​using maltitol instead of sugar.

Almonds are super ​good for you. So the combination is really ​great if you’re ​looking for a snack that’s as tasty as it is healthy.


24,99 USD for 1 pound (5,5 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#14 Kiss My Keto Hot Chocolate Drink

Now let’s be honest:

Hot coco drink isn’t really the low-carb chocolate you’re looking for, is it? Same goes for sugar-free chocolate pudding or jello.

But then again, it might also be the best thing you’ve read all week.

The Kiss My Keto drink is very healthy because it contains the MCT oil we talked about earlier. But now you can drink it instead of eating it in a bar. And the only sweetener in the ​product is stevia, so it’s very healthy.

The only downside? The price I’m afraid.


37,99 USD for 30 servings (10,1 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

#15 Giant Sports Keto Hot Chocolate Drink

To top it all off, another hot chocolate drink for you to consider.

This one also contains MCT oil. The difference? This one is sweetened with monk fruit extract and is available in several low-carb flavors such as:

  • Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate Caramel
  • Milk Chocolate

The problem, again, is the price of this sugar-free chocolate drink. It’s almost 10 cents per gram, which is almost twice as expensive as most low-carb chocolates in this article.

But it might be a nice option to treat yourself with from time to time. Click here for more (and far cheaper) tips for sugar-free drinks beside water.


28,99 USD for 20 servings (10,3 cents per gram)

Rating on Amazon

Click here to order.

Eat all the chocolate ​you want?

Now, of course, these are all very nice products that hardly affect your blood sugar level. But will they cure your type 2 diabetes? No, absolutely not.You can see this type of product as a fine supplement to a very healthy diet. That is why I have a final and important tip for you.

Recently it has been discovered that it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes. Everything you need to do this can be found in your local grocery store.You can reverse type 2 with one powerful principle. It’s something I call“The Diabetes-Free Secret”. I have written a number of pages about this secret that will change your life forever. You will learn:

  • Why you got type 2 diabetes
  • What mechanism you can use to reverse diabetes
  • The best tips to be diabetes-free within a few weeks

Enter your e-mail address below and I will send you the E-book for free.Greetings,Marloes SchuurmanP​S: ​What is your favorite brand of sugar-free chocolate? Leave a comment below

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