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Low Carb Salad Recipe with Chicken & Broccoli and a Low-Carb Dressing

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Low-Carb Dinner Salad with Chicken & Broccoli

From time to time eating a salad is a delicious change from your regular lunch sandwich or dinner.

You can of course buy a salad at a supermarket...

...but that certainly won't be a low-carb and/or healthy lunch or dinner salads. Especially if you have type 2 diabetes.


None of the salads in the supermarket are really low in carbohydrates due to the additives in them and - if you do find one - then unfortunately they tend to be not tasty at all.

In addition, they are also very expensive.

In summary: not tasty, expensive and unhealthy.

That is why we have a delicious low-carb salad for you with a delicious mayo-mustard dressing.

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