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Low Carb Salad Recipe with Chicken & Broccoli and a Low-Carb Dressing

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Low-Carb Dinner Salad with Chicken & Broccoli

From time to time eating a salad is a delicious change from your regular lunch sandwich or dinner.

You can of course buy a salad at a supermarket...

...but that certainly won't be a low-carb and/or healthy lunch or dinner salads. Especially if you have type 2 diabetes.


None of the salads in the supermarket are really low in carbohydrates due to the additives in them and - if you do find one - then unfortunately they tend to be not tasty at all.

In addition, they are also very expensive.

In summary: not tasty, expensive and unhealthy.

That is why we have a delicious low-carb salad for you with a delicious mayo-mustard dressing.

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Low-Carb Lasagna Recipe with Eggplant (Tastier than Zucchini)

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Low-Carb Lasagna with Eggplant (Tastier than Zucchini)

Losing weight and type 2 diabetes do not exactly go hand in hand with Italian cuisine.

Everything from pizza to pasta doesn't do your body any good. And what about garlic bread? It seems quite impossible to find a healthy Italian dish that will benefit both your weight and your blood sugar.

But with a little ingenuity, it is possible.

This is also the case with this delicious low-carbohydrate lasagna. Where normal lasagna consists of a lot of carbohydrates because of the pasta sheets, we use lasagna sheets made out of eggplant in this recipe.

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