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Healthy Low Carb Butter Cake (Sugar Free Recipe)

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low-carb butter cake

Few cakes are as good as butter cake.

And that's mainly due to one ingredient:

The butter!

The type of flour and the amount of sugar in regular butter cakes makes the cake very tasty, but unfortunately also very unhealthy. Especially if you have type 2 diabetes and/or are overweight.

That's why it's good to replace these two ingredients with healthier options.

That's exactly what I did in this recipe. You will learn everything here about my low-carb butter cake without sugar. Healthy for both an optimal blood sugar and a healthy weight.

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Low Carb Granola with Nuts and Seeds (Sugar-Free Recipe)

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low carb granola

The breakfast of the average person consists of a piece of bread, some yogurt with granola or muesli. All these meals are generally not the best things to start your day with.

Both bread and granola from the supermarket are often packed with unhealthy carbohydrates and sugars.

Does this mean that you have to say goodbye to your favorite breakfast? Certainly not! In this article you will learn exactly how to make a low-carb granola so that you can still eat your delicious breakfast.

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Low Carb Waffles with Almond Flour (Healthy Recipe)

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Low-carb waffles with almondflour

Waffles are generally not the most healthy options to eat. You have both sweet and savory waffles, but both are often not low in carbohydrates.

Are you diabetic or would you like to lose some weight? Then I advise you not to eat waffles. They give you a high blood sugar and some extra pounds.

Unless you can make low carb waffles with Almond flour. Then you can eat them both if you are diabetic, or if you want to lose some weight. And let this recipe be a low-carb waffle mix recipe.

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Low Carb Cake with Chocolate (Sugar-Free Recipe For Diabetics)

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Low-Carb Cake with Chocolate (Sugar-Free Recipe)

Are you looking for a low-carb cake with chocolate that is also sugar-free?

Then it can be quite a challenge since 'low-carb' and 'sugar-free' do not go hand in hand with words such as 'cake' and 'pastries'.

But it is certainly possible!

In this recipe you will learn my delicious sugar-free cake with chocolate, whipped cream and almond flour bottom that is low in carbohydrates. So it is both healthy and delicious.

Perfect for when you want to eat low-carb or have type 2 diabetes and want to do something about it.

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