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Healthy Low-Carb Egg Salad (Easy To Make Recipe)

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An egg salad on bread can be delicious.

But if you have type 2 diabetes (and therefore have an elevated blood sugar) it is important to eat it low in carbohydrates.

Because every gram of sugar/carbohydrate you save is a bonus.

In this recipe, you will learn how to make a low-carb egg salad. It is a healthy and simple recipe you can make quite fast. You can make it with or without ham (if you are a vegetarian). And you can use any herb you want.

Tip: an low-carb egg salad with dill tastes amazing.  

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Healthy Low Carb Butter Cake (Sugar Free Recipe)

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low-carb butter cake

Few cakes are as good as butter cake.

And that's mainly due to one ingredient:

The butter!

The type of flour and the amount of sugar in regular butter cakes makes the cake very tasty, but unfortunately also very unhealthy. Especially if you have type 2 diabetes and/or are overweight.

That's why it's good to replace these two ingredients with healthier options.

That's exactly what I did in this recipe. You will learn everything here about my low-carb butter cake without sugar. Healthy for both an optimal blood sugar and a healthy weight.

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Healthy Low-Carb Russian Salad Recipe Without Potatoes

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Unfortunately, a Russian salad quickly becomes unhealthy due to one ingredient:

The potatoes

As a result, eating a low-carb Russian salad seems impossible for many people.

Fortunately, a lot is possible if you're willing to get a little creative in the kitchen.

There is an easy (and healthy) way to make a low-carb Russian salad without potatoes.


You will learn that in this tasty recipe!

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Fresh Low Carb Tomato Soup Recipe (Vegetarian Recipe)

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low carb tomato soup

Are you a real soup lover, but are you currently on a low-carb diet because you have type 2 diabetes or want to lose weight? Then I wouldn't recommend eating most soups from the supermarket.

In most canned soups, potatoes are used for binding. And potatoes are not healthy if you are a diabetic.

So are you looking for a healthy low-carb soup because you are on a diet?

Then this recipe for a low-carb tomato soup without sugar is definitely recommended for you.

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