Low Carb Smoothie with Strawberry & Avocado (Quick Recipe)

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Low-Carb Smoothie with Strawberry & Avocado (Quick Recipe)

A low-carb smoothie from time to time (for breakfast, lunch or as a snack) can be both tasty and healthy. But then you have to know how to make this.

You can of course throw everything in a blender and hope you get something tasty...

...but there are many products that do not mix in taste.

In this recipe, I share my low-carb strawberry and avocado smoothie with you.

Made easy and fast... and also very saturating.

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Healthy Low Carb Fries Recipe (Easy & Fast Recipe)

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Healthy Low-Carb Fries (Easy & Fast Recipe)

Eating fries when you have type 2 diabetes (or want to eat low-carb) is impossible.

No product is unhealthier than fries if you want to improve your diet. And pretty much everyone on Earth knows that fries are anything but healthy.

Fortunately, this doesn't mean you can't eat fries for the rest of your life.

Here I give you my recipe for low-carb fries. Both delicious and healthy! This way you can still enjoy your 'fries' without sacrificing your health.

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Low-Carb Fish Casserole (Dinner Recipe Without Potatoes)

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Low-Carb Fish Casserole (Recipe Without Potatoes)

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy low-carb fish casserole that can make the whole family happy?

Then I have the ideal recipe for you here.

This low-carb fish dish is easy to make and tastes delicious. In addition, it contains an ideal combination of nutrients that makes you very saturated.

This will only benefit your blood sugar and weight. Why? Because it prevents you from feeling hungry later in the evening.

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Low Carb Smoothie Bowl Recipe with Strawberries

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Low-Carb Smoothie Bowl with Strawberries

For the sweet tooth among us, a smoothie is on the menu today. A low-carb smoothie that is.

You may wonder why a smoothie should be low in carbohydrates. "A smoothie bowl is healthy anyway, isn't it?"

That is not always the case. In particular, the smoothies that are sold in the supermarket are packed with sugar. In addition, they are often made with orange juice, which is also not recommended if you want to lose weight or have diabetes.

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