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Ben Kuiper is a pharmacist and an expert in the field of type 2 diabetes.

Healthy Sugar Free Jam with Strawberries (Easy Recipe)

Breakfast , Low Carb Recipes

Healthy Sugar-Free Jam with Strawberries (Easy Recipe)

Eating sugar-free jam can be a godsend if you have type 2 diabetes, are overweight, or have an elevated blood sugar. After all, 'normal' jam is full of sugar.

Half of a regular jar of jam consists of unhealthy sugars. Often is way more than half.

You can of course just buy low-carb jam in the supermarket, but that is often not as tasty as making it yourself. That is why in this recipe I teach you how to make sugar-free jam yourself.

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Low Carb Cake with Chocolate (Sugar-Free Recipe For Diabetics)

Dessert , Low Carb Recipes

Low-Carb Cake with Chocolate (Sugar-Free Recipe)

Are you looking for a low-carb cake with chocolate that is also sugar-free?

Then it can be quite a challenge since 'low-carb' and 'sugar-free' do not go hand in hand with words such as 'cake' and 'pastries'.

But it is certainly possible!

In this recipe you will learn my delicious sugar-free cake with chocolate, whipped cream and almond flour bottom that is low in carbohydrates. So it is both healthy and delicious.

Perfect for when you want to eat low-carb or have type 2 diabetes and want to do something about it.

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Healthy Low Carb Stuffed Pepper Recipe with Italian Filling

Diner , Low Carb Recipes , Lunch

Healthy Low-Carb Stuffed Pepper with Italian Filling

Stuffed peppers have been popular for a long time. Many people want to eat them and preferably also without carbohydrates.

Especially people with blood sugar problems or overweight are looking for a healthy recipe that is also tasty. ​Maybe you are one of them?

If so, then I have good news for you. Because in this recipe you will learn my low-carb stuffed pepper with Italian herbs and ground meat.

Both tasty and healthy!

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